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Caused by the degeneration of fabrics
Osteoporosis - the degenerate disease caused by increase of the maintenance of specific free radicals which block calcium fixingloss of bone weight is the latent disease which the great number of people suffers is more senior 45 - 50 years. there is a possibility to restore the lost bone weight during rather short time interval, applying for le-chenija the specific antioxidant, capable to remove from an organism the free radicals blocking fixing of calcium. thisB3 brazilian BOND BUILDER - официальное представительство.|http://soft-podborka.ru/|http://ekpereezd.ru/|бизнес и финансы новости pvptaktika.ru|новости экономики recmarket.ru
Antioxidant - organic complex Of selenium and Which operates with Very high efficiencyThat is reflected in a number of publications and shown corresponding by measurements of a condition of a bone at all cured patients.
It is necessary to underline that pain disappearance occurs already after 15 - 20 days of treatment. the developed antioxidant also is very effective at all bone crises, providing faster and qualitative recover.

As the food additive, the specified complex is recommended For preventive maintenance of osteoporosis To people is more senior fifty years in doses: 1 or 2 capsules in day, and with Medical The purpose in a dose of 3 capsules in day after the basic food intakes.

This preparation is issued in the form of capsules under commercial name By the pharmaceutical company "catalysis, s. l.".

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