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  • Tumoral diseases
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Of a capsule on 0,3 ; 90 pieces

The special preparation on the basis of antioxidants from extracts of green tea, cinnamon and a complex.

Is the modern preparation used at treatment of many types of oncological diseases. its structure includes the most effective, tested and checked up The natural antioxidantsSubjected to process of molecular activation, essentially strengthened their biological activity that allows to achieve successful results of treatment in a complex with traditional therapy.
Contains in the structure From green tea, The cinnamon acidContaining in cinnamon, and also complexAllocated from microorganisms. these connections have proved the positive action at therapy of various types of tumours. biokatalitichesky activation essentially strengthens the preparation action which application interferes with development of primary cancerogenic cages, tumoral promotors, hormones and tumoral factors of malignant cages.Проститутки район Северное Орехово-Борисово на www.moskva-prostitutki.com.|http://israelfilmfestival.ru/|Интересное здесь: https://newslw.ru/|Читаем: https://novostih.ru/
продажа пгс;обучение участию в аукционе
Renders effect on and hepatic cages that promotes the best shipping of cytostatic preparations, strengthening of antineoplastic effect and improvement of quality of life of patients. the preparation is recommended to be accepted after chemotherapy to the people, suffering oncological diseases. efficiency Amplifies at joint application with preparation .
Amino acids a part of preparation , vitamins and microcells strengthen Action of the basic active substances.
The registration certificate 003278. .724.09.2010
On 1 capsule, : - 0,0075; - 0,0009; complex - 0,0357; - 0,0126; - 0,003; - 0,072; - 0,0255; - 0,0255; 6 - 0,002; - 0,1153.


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