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Caused by the degeneration of fabrics
Diabetes Is a disease which is accompanied by high oxidizing stress and leads to sharp increase in formation Of free radicals. for this reason action preliminary Activated Molecules of an antioxidant of a natural origin can block process Of superoxidation And warn infringements of immune system, thereby, providing Regeneration Of the damaged cages and The main glands which make hormones, for example, Insulin.

Reduction of oxidizing stress at a diabetes is reached by means of a diet rich With antioxidantsThat has been confirmed in separate researches. Oxidation Of derivatives plays an important role in increase in oxidation of fat. thus, fat acids of plasma - the best object for the given type of oxidation.

This data has allowed to create a special preparation from the natural components, intended for stimulation of a metabolism of a pancreas. it contains necessary for biosynthesisзапчасти для лодочных моторов|Смотрим тут: https://novostid.ru/|Смотрим тут: https://novostig.ru/|лодочный мотор ямаха 2.5 цена
Insulin Of amino acid, such as and and which the organism is not capable to synthesise itself, vitamins and which operate as biocatalysts.

The dietary preparation which is let out in the form of capsules under commercial name , is developed and made by the pharmaceutical company "catalysis, s. l."

Research-and-production and joint-stock company "katalisis-lk"

E-mail: catalysis@chameleon4ik.ru