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  • herpes
  • Lip herpes
  • Surrounding deprive
  • A virus of papilloma
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  • infection

The form of release

  • A spray with60 ml
  • A cream for lips, 5 ml
  • The special preparation against viruses of the herpes and papilloma

    Eliminate the pathological symptoms caused by various forms Of a virus of a herpes (, lip, surrounding deprive) and a virus of a papilloma of the person. efficiency of treatment exceeds 90 %.
    It is easily put, it is quickly soaked up, it is convenient in application, consists of natural and harmless substances, does not render by-effects.
    Uniqueness of a preparation is defined by its fast action and peak efficiency.
    Efficiency Amplifies in case of joint application with preparation .
    The sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion .005461.09.01
    The spray for external application (g/100): acid - 0,1; acid - 3,0; acid - 2,0; vitamin c - 0,3; folic acid - 0,08; - 94,52.http://ukkat-krsk.ru/|http://topclub31.ru/|http://ua-footballnews.ru/|бизнес новости на probusiness24.ru|свежие новости бизнеса
    Электрик сделает проведение электропроводки в коттедже в Новосибирске и пригороде. Русский электрик.
    The cream for lips (g/100): acid - 0,1; acid - 3,0; acid - 2,0; vitamin c - 0,3; - 94,6.


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