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  • Osteoporosis
  • Of infringement of an exchange of calcium
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0,5 ; 90 .


Is the new, modern preparation intended for increase of adjournment of calcium in bones, leading to increase of bone weight. the preparation renders Antioxidizing actionWhich, under last scientific data, will neutraliseinterfering fixings of calcium.
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Электрик сделает подключение электроприборов в офисе в Новосибирске и пригороде. Русский электрик.
On 1 capsule, : lactobacillus acidophillus - 0,008; selenium - 0,000006; calcium - 0,018; magnesium -0,01; vitamin c - 0,005; vitamin e - 0,0033; citron fibres - 0,45; bran - 0,005.


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