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Of blju
  • Dandruff

The form of release

  • An aerosol with100 ml
  • Shampoo, 150 ml
  • A cream, 50
  • The special preparation for dermatology

    Of blju Is the new line of dermatological preparations specially developed for daily hygiene of a skin, inclined to diseases .
    Of blju - reduce an itch, eliminate greasiness of a skin and a scalp (head skin), and also improve appearance of a skin, thanks to the expressed antifungoid activity on bacterium Pityrosporum.
    Of blju Do not contain or cytostatic substances, operate quickly and effectively, get into deep layers of a skin and differ safety that allows to use them during the long period of time. preparations are quickly soaked up, possess a pleasant smell, do not spoil a skin and clothes.http://alianselogistic.ru/|http://railfoto.ru/
    The aerosol: The activated zinc (0,2 %), .
    The cream: The activated zinc (0,2 %), .
    Shampoo: The activated zinc (1 %),


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