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  • Flu
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  • Cold
  • Sinusitis
  • A bronchitis, including

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The special preparation on the basis of organic acids, vitamins, an eucalyptus, mint, a lemon and honey.

It is used at treatment of diseases of respiratory organs, for clarification of a respiratory path, strengthening of protective forces of an organism, in particular at virus infections, influence of the polluted environment and seasonal allergens.Сведения в газете и на сайте www.hlama-net.ru|http://x-equipment.ru/|http://shashlikoffmsk.ru/
Is powerful a complex which prevents formation of free radicals and essentially raises immunity.
- it is prepared on the basis of natural products which are safe and have favorable an effect on an organism. for this reason the given preparation is not toxic and does not cause by-effects.
On 100 ml, : an eucalyptus - 0,205; mint - 0,25; acid - 0,6; apple acid - 1,0; vitamin c - 0,042; lemon juice - 0,03; honey - 2,137; sodium - 0,011; water to 100,0.


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